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Improve Your Mental & Emotional State, Improve Mobility & Relieve Pain. 

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How It Works

Massage therapy has many benefits, from relaxation to improving your mobility and treating pain.

Massage therapy is a hands-on technique that improves overall health and well-being if used on a regular basis. It is recommended for patients with chronic and acute health conditions.

Massage improves mental health, promotes relaxed state of mind, increases mental alertness, and helps with pain management.

There are many benefits to massage therapy. The following are conditions that massage can help you with:

  • Post-Surgical Pain
  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Sports Injuries & More

Different massage therapy techniques can be used to achieve desired results, depending on what you are treating.

Thai Herbal Massage

Our Thai Herbal Massage is a two-hour massage performed with a blend of traditional Thai herbs in the compresses, which provides a relaxing effect for your mind and body.

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The mixture of herbs contains anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antioxidant properties to alleviate sprains, bruises, sore muscles, aches, and more. This herbal therapy was designed to relieve pain and inflammation. You can purchase these compressed herbal bags and bring them with you every time you come for Thai Massage.  

Benefits of Thai Herbal Massage:

  • Provides Deep Relaxation
  • Relieves Stress & Fatigue
  • Boosts Both Emotional & Physical Well-Being
  • Assists in Alignment & Posture
  • Improves Blood & Lymph Circulation
  • Stimulates Internal Organs

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage is one of the most powerful approaches for treating chronic pain & inflammation.

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It is effective for treating most musculoskeletal issues and improving circulatory, lymphatic, and neurological functions. This type of massage can stimulate your nervous system, boost your immunity, and increase oxygen and blood circulation.

Benefits of Therapeutic Massage:

  • Overall Health Maintenance
  • Stress Management
  • Helps Relieve Muscular Tension
  • Post-Surgery Care
  • Reduces Pain, Muscle Spasms & Stiffness
  • Helps with Emotional & Psychological Disorders

Cellulite Cupping Massage

Cupping Massage has many purposes, such as helping with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation, and overall well-being aside from eliminating Cellulite. 

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Benefits of Anti-Cellulite Massage:

  • Loosens Muscle Stiffness
  • Relaxes Nervous System
  • Relieves Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain
  • Helps with Anxiety, Fatigue & Migraines
  • Eliminates Cellulite
  • Improves Blood Flow in Veins & Arteries
  • Detoxes Skin & Circulatory System
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms

Slavic Massage

Slavic Massage works with your body’s soft tissue to relieve stress, muscle tension and promote relaxation. It also improves blood and oxygen circulation and aids in the recovery of muscular injuries.

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Benefits of Slavic Massage:

  • Increases Blood Flow
  • Improves Movement
  • Works with Soft Tissue & Muscular Tension
  • Restores Balance
  • Eliminates Venous & Lymphatic Congestion
  • Promotes Circulation in your Chest, Head, Spine, Arms & Legs
  • Restores Health

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is widely practiced all over the world & is the foundation for sports, deep tissue, aromatherapy & other popular types of massage.

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Benefits of Swedish Massage:

  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Flushes Circulatory System
  • Restores Range of Motion
  • Calms Nervous System
  • Reduces Anxiety & Depression
  • Increases Energy
  • Stimulates Lymphatic System
  • Helps with Muscle Cramps, Tension & Spasms
  • Helps relieve Arthritis & Sciatica Pain

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage focuses on treating musculoskeletal issues, such as strains & sports injuries. It targets the inner layers of your muscles & connective tissues. Additionally, it helps break up scar tissue, reduces tension & inflammation. If you enjoy pain, this massage technique is for you.

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Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage:

  • Helps with Chronic & Acute Pain
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps with Sports Injuries
  • Relieves Muscle Soreness
  • Helps with Poor Posture
  • Relieves Muscle Spasms & Tension
  • Reduces Stress
  • Helps with Fibromyalgia
  • Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain relief
  • Increases Blood Flow Throughout

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Massage is a type of massage therapy that helps with relaxation, muscle tension reduction, detoxification, and relief for injuries and inflammation.

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Combined with regular massage, this treatment delivers enormous benefits:

  • Relieves Chronic Pain & Inflammation
  • Reduces Stress, Anxiety &Tension
  • Restores Joint Mobility & Flexibility
  • Relieves Muscle Pain & Spasms
  • Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular System
  • Improves Sleep & Insomnia
  • Helps with Mental Alertness & Concentration
  • Helps with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis & Multiple Sclerosis
  • Boosts Immune System

Common Questions

Who Performs Massage Therapy?

At The Art of Life Health Centre, we have several Registered Massage Therapists who will be performing your treatment. Our massage therapists are highly trained and registered (Certified) with their Provincial Regulatory Bodies.

Is Massage Painful?

There may be some slight discomfort, which is common in many soft tissue treatments, however, this is not harmful. It is very beneficial for your recovery and achieving desired results, but you can always ask for less pressure.

Our therapist will establish a comfort and tolerance level during your treatment. Deep Tissue Massage is a preferred choice for some individuals, while certain massage types, such as Cellulite Massage, can be painful.

Do We Accept OHIP?

Unfortunately, we do not accept OHIP at our clinic.

Many health insurance plans and group benefits cover massage therapy. In the event of a Motor Vehicle Accident, your auto insurance may cover the cost of massage therapy. We work with MVA clients and help them with their paperwork.

Do I Have to Remove All My Clothing for Massage Therapy?

No, you only have to undress to your comfort level. Your therapist may explain the benefits of skin-to-skin contact, but ultimately, it is your choice.

Your privacy is our utmost concern. Strict ethical and privacy guidelines are followed by all our massage therapists. Rest assured that your massage therapist is trained in proper draping procedures, and your privacy will be fully respected at all times throughout the treatment.