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Patient Getting IV TherapyDo you want to boost your immune system? Need more energy? Want to do a detox? Dealing with stress?

Do you want to prepare yourself for the fall-winter season without feeling depressed, lacking energy, or getting sick?

Do you want glowing skin and healthy shiny hair?

Do you want to enjoy life without being constantly worried about getting sick?

Specially developed intravenous and intramuscular vitamins and minerals might be the shortest solution to achieve a balanced harmonious homeostasis in the human body. To accomplish a strong immune system, to become energetic, to feel and look healthy it is required not only to eliminate bad habits, eat healthy and sleep well, but also requires a timely boost of what the body is missing via the available, affordable, and effective methods.

One of these methods is intravenous and intramuscular vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and many other naturally produced in the body elements. Rational combination of the drip that delivers all the missing elements directly to the bloodstream, creates an optimal path for restoring and maintaining your health. For some elements it is better if injected into the veins, while for others, muscles are the more optimal site. Regardless of the injection site, all end up in the bloodstream directly, bypassing the interference caused by the interaction with the acidic environment of the digestive system, and the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal tract. The elements of the drip almost instantaneously end up in the bloodstream and are delivered to the organs where it is most needed. They speed up the recovery process. In many cases, it is recommended to have a combination of intravenous and intramuscular injections. Only highly skilled professional doctors can determine, in each specific case, which drip complex is best suited for the specific client, given their overall assessment and the health condition.

Simple formula to understanding your own health is:

Nourishing elements, nutrients, vitamins, minerals = Healthy organs and cells = Healthy immune system = Healthy person with a healthy body

There are several optimal formulas in compiling the set of elements of the IV and IM drips. In general, these are used as prophylaxis and as preventative and defensive measures to stimulate the immune system and activate energy production, relieve the stress effects, lower the cortisol levels, and do detoxification. Most known drip is the Mayers cocktail.

When a person is dealing with a specific disease with symptoms, such as constant and continuous stress, insomnia, serious intoxication etc., the doctor is required to meticulously select the proper complex of the drip for the specific client. It is done based on extensive research, history, assessment of the current health state and disease progress, blood tests, client reports on current symptoms, as well as lengthy conversations with the client.

Intravenous and intramuscular vitamins and minerals drips are suitable not only for people that are inclined towards naturopathic medicine and alternative remedies, but also for people that normally choose the allopathic medicine offered by the mainstream health care system.


Especially as the flu and cold season is upon us, it is important to receive a series of therapeutic and restorative IV and IM drips rich in nutrients, minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins. It will be an indispensable help for boosting the immune system, especially during our times of unusual viruses and bacteria. It is an enormous help for people prone to seasonal arthritis pains, allergies, seasonal depression, and many more illnesses and health conditions.


Even with serious side effects, such as after chemotherapy, the client can obtain a significant relief with the IV drip that include big doses of vitamin C.

Vitamin C drip is one of the main assistants for people who want to prophylactically restore and boost their immune system post any illness. Vitamin C not only defends from viruses and bacteria, boosts the immune system, but also aids in wound healing, increases collagen production, synthesizes hormones, improves vein penetration, hematopoiesis, and many more.


One of the most powerful antioxidants known in medicine, based on many researches, is Glutathione. It is most effective in aiding the liver, brain, and nervous system repair. Glutathione is naturally produced by your liver. It is found in most of your body’s tissues and plays an extremely important role in protecting cells from damage and toxins in your system. One of its vital functions is to repair cell damage (that can damage our DNA), produce proteins, detoxify liver and other organs, activate enzymes, help with proper chemical balance, and help your body process nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Most of the health concerns require the injection of Glutathione based on the client’s specific health conditions.


The desire to look beautiful and youthful belongs not only for teenage girls, women, and grandmothers, but also for grandfathers, men, and teenage boys. The drips offer individual formulas of nourishing elements and antioxidants, which are a must to preserve youthful glowing look, translated to health from within, radiant skin, no signs of aging such as wrinkles, smooth glowing skin, shiny hair, and strong nails. Without antioxidants there is no way! Antioxidants, on the molecular levels, restore harmed tissues caused by ultraviolet radiation, toxins, and stress over the years.


Simple physical exercises or intense training will not bring the desired benefits if free radicals are not eliminated from the body. There will be a noticeable deficiency of nutrients, vitamins, and inner cell energy needed for the entire body. In this case, the drip will contain elements needed for physical strain to prolong the body’s capacity and strength.


When the person decided to give up on an old addiction to alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, smoking, or simply overate and overdrank during the recent vacation, the drip will help to detox the liver, add electrolytes, add anti-inflammatory agents, sodium saline, and possibly something for nausea. The drip helps with headache, discomfort in the digestive system, dizziness, nausea, weakness, and sensitivity to light and sounds.


In cases of anxiety, panic attacks, and fears the drip will include high doses of certain vitamins from B group, magnesium, and some other minerals and vitamins. As a result, the drip effect will be general relaxation, restful sleep, lessened depression symptoms, and positive mood enhancement.

Just wanted to remind you that specific composition and amounts of elements in the drip can be determined only by highly qualified doctor with years of experience after lengthy assessment of client’s condition. For example, our naturopathic doctor has 17 years of experience with the traditional medical training and experience as MD, in our country, as well as ND accreditation.

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