Meditative Art Program for Expecting Mothers

This Meditative Art program is based on the integration of great compositions of visual art and classical music and focuses on the inner state of the artist, in view of the significance of developing strong and meaningful relationships between the future parent and the expected child.

The program is guided by the principles of Art Therapy, recognized for its effectiveness in improving coping skills, mood regulation, stress reduction, decreased anxiety, improvement of quality of life and self-esteem.

This program was specifically created for the expecting parents or people who are actively trying to conceive and is based on building awareness about the importance of and challenges in adjusting to the emerging role of a parent in the context of creating/evolving strong connections with inner self, within the family unit, and between the family and society.


Mindfulness 4 Parents, Children & Youth

Mindfulness is the meditative practice of non-judgmental attentiveness to our experience in the present moment.

It focuses on developing two fundamental skills: awareness and equanimity. Awareness is the ability to concentrate attention on what is going on right now, whereas equanimity is the ability to remain calm and relaxed in the midst of any stressful situations. Sounds simple yet very much applicable to daily life situations!

Since we are most of the time occupied by our memories of the past or worries for the future, we don’t have the power to experience the present moment to our full capacity, concentrating all of our mental, emotional and physical skills to get the best possible ‘outcome of the moment’.

However, the practice of mindfulness can completely change our life, and changes are noticeable almost immediately.


School of Healthy Living

“In the School of Healthy Living” is a wellbeing program that focuses on engagement and the health and wellness of people in our community. The program helps community members, parents and families connect to each other and see the light in managing their health concerns. The various health and wellness, illness prevention and mental health promotion topics are covered during the lectures, answering to the needs of people we serve.


Community Youth Engagement Initiative 

This initiative has started as a series of classical music concerts performed by talented university students to inspire other youth and kids. However, currently, our sphere of activity is expanding to usher youth with a variety of talents to awake their personal creativity and potential while serving in the community.


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The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.


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