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Shoulder, elbow or knee pain, heel spur and other joint-related problems
can be effectively treated with the modern Radial Shockwave Therapy !


  • Fast, simple, economic, effective
  • NON - invasive, NO anesthesia, NO medication, NO recovery periods
  • Eliminate the use of medication, cortisone or repeated injections
  • Used when all other methods have failed

  • A great option instead of surgery, that has a long recovery time, lost work time and income, reduced quality of life while they recover
  • RSWT has been shown to be a safe and clinically effective treatment option for chronic insertion tendonitis. Several studies have been performed and are available at "The Art of Life" web site.
  • After 52 weeks, 81% of patients (66% in just 12 weeks) suffering from heel spur were free of daily discomfort, 94% were free of night pain after 12 weeks. For tennis elbow the success rate even higher.

    • It takes 3 - 5 treatments, one week apart (maximum 10 days). Treatments last for approximately 15 - 20 minutes.

    • The treatments are uncomfortable but tolerated by everyone.
    • There may be irritation or swelling but it usually disappears within one week of treatment.
    • Patients must stop taking NSAIDS and any other medications that inhibit blood clotting and coagulation at least one week before receiving low-energy RSWT.

    • Most patients feel significant results after the first treatment. Some patients will not feel a difference until finishing their third treatment.
    • The healing process is accumulative and therefore patients continue to have results weeks after ending their treatment. Because the cells are broken down, and are rebuilding (they actually are put back into the acute phase) the maximum relief is usually felt at the 12th week after their last treatment.

    • Patients interested in RSWT can call "The Art of Life" Health Centre directly at (416) 449-6747 and inquire about a complementary RSWT Screen Consultation.
    • They could also ask their primary care physician if a referral to "The Art of Life" Health Centre would be right for them.
    • During a consult, a history and physical examination will be conducted to assure that the diagnosis of tendonitis is correct, that the patient has no other musculoskeletal condition(s) that can mimic tendonitis, that the patient meets the indications for RSWT, and that the patient understands the treatment.

    • Radial Shockwave Therapy is fast and effective way to treat your pain. The treatment is done by our Physiotherapist and the fee of individual session (with current offer - $87.5) is covered by all extended health care plans.
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    • Sports injuries/Sprains/Strains
    • Tennis elbow/ Golf syndrome
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome
    • Acute and chronic inflammation/Arthritis
    • Delayed bone healing
    • Frozen shoulder/stiffness
    • Muscle pain/Neck/Back pain
    • Spinal conditions/Post-surgery conditions/Fractures
    • Heel spur/ Achilles tendinitis/Plantar Fasciitis/Bursitis tochanterica
    • Lower back pain/ Sciatica/ Poor posture
    • And much more ...





    We work with INSURANCE BENEFITS/EXTENDED HEALTH/GROUP BENEFITS, as well as WSIB, MVA and can assist with ORTHOTICS (shoes, braces, support, compression stockings and more)
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